Thirst   Luring imagery captivating empty bargains Dispersed as viruses, conquering the now The cruel ironic truth of craving today Hailing over one’s mind Disconnecting a soul to its purpose Negotiations deter, they run dry Corrupted love at the devil's disposal Well perhaps it’s too late For another miserable try To forget all the beauty,... Continue Reading →


A Thorny Rose

A thorny rose   A colossal beauty Blossoms Beneath raging vines A bold attraction—lustfully craved Artfully engaging its prey Seductive play Feeding on desire Bodacious it lay   False echoes of purity Vapidly tethered to her control A sharp pierce by her touch Lips stained maliciously red Bewitched by the vision of perfection Profusely drawing... Continue Reading →

150 years of Canada

Hi Everyone! As it is a long weekend in Canada I have just been taking the day to relax and get through some reading for school. I've discovered that I really really like cappuccino's and have no idea why I have never ordered them in past. I only like coffee when it's served in actual porcelain... Continue Reading →


Pour me a glass of wine Things are to be fine Daylight impatiently subsiding Somber pink hues arrange Merciful to the day—beautiful Mesmerized by the likes of the skies Openly free, an endless sequence to see Illuminating smears so vast amongst us Feeling minuscule in body, Yet complex in it all Surrounding each being is... Continue Reading →


A cue of relentless breaths Distant yet heavy in her chest Faint raspy heaving now captures your thoughts A glimpse of her stale presence Unsure of what her tense structure entails Detached for mysterious reasons—wide-eyed Wishing to discover her past Emotions seem sharply scarce Perhaps just buried amongst the fear Hidden from the manipulation of... Continue Reading →


Can you guys tell I can't sleep haha??   Disturbed I hope you find peace I can feel these suffocating constraints   Flowing reckless—a misbehaved river Rapids fiercely piercing on by Currents dominating in distress   When will freedom become your destiny? This Darkness suppresses the righteousness You stand stiffly —unsure in despair, A tightness... Continue Reading →

Update? :)

Hi everyone! I was quite thrilled with the book Bel Canto I thought it was so amazing as Anne Patchett's writing is so beautiful and inviting. The book was so exciting the whole way through until about the last 4 pages... but hey it was bound to happen.. and besides I'm just too sensitive. If... Continue Reading →

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