A counter argument to my last post? Perhaps a prequel haha Self Control By: Kristen Bound to be safe Objectifying ordinary behaviors Mental exhaustion aching my captured mind The conscious mind to be securely reconciled Induced by the fear of utter isolation Calmly synchronizing the motions Mocking the others in a steady beat Diluting creative... Continue Reading →


Robotic Agony

Some late night thoughts... Robotic Agony By: Kristen Schmidt Tainted to the touch What may heal my tarnished being? Of shame and defiance When will I be untouched? The problem quite dull Or perhaps it’s too much Losing the fight to configure Wiring what ought to be Doing what may please Conversations, confirmations Existing in... Continue Reading →


Hello, people of WordPress ! Currently feeling kind of stressed out as I took the liberty to take a summer semester. I would much rather be doing something more creative with my time, but hey I got to finish up sometime. I can't be a student forever. Asides from some very boring tax homework, I... Continue Reading →

A Dream

A Dream By: Kristen Daylight sweeps by—eager For the moon and its offerings Awaiting an unconscious reality To entertain its lively rhythm Behind these salty eyes No more hiding * Deep among the center of our being Vivid dimensions, so surreal The past in disguise Secrets to be revealed Pledged by insanity Yet adjured by... Continue Reading →

I won’t grow up

Hello, Lovely people! Here is a poem it will only take one minute to read...which will take you through the years of my innocent childhood to the mundane truths of adulthood. But why do so many of us choose to change for the worse? No one wants to invite the weight of the world on their... Continue Reading →


Shooting a little positivity your way this morning. Just an inspiring poem that I HOPE can kickstart your day *hehe*. I recorded it so you don't even have to bore yourself to read it! Please enjoy my awkward voice... yes you guessed it I havnt even had my coffee yet. Kristen Okay so it took... Continue Reading →


This poem communicates the reality of socially constructed behaviour. In today's society sometimes we fall victim to neglect self-made thoughts or we lack the inspiration to think beyond what is essential. We are in a world full of pressures and stresses that may get us caught up in a sea of sameness. Been there. Done that. I... Continue Reading →

30 Day Challenge

Hello lovely bloggers! I can’t touch base on exactly how I have been feeling but I can tell you that things seem to be quite foggy and unclear at the moment. While retracing my steps to discover why I was feeling this way, I have come to realize that I have not been doing my... Continue Reading →

For the Love of Coffee

This fine afternoon I will be rambling on about my utter dedication and obsession with you said it…coffee! Ever since I can remember I loved every last detail surrounding the idea of coffee and the culture it had to offer. I have vivid memories of delivering my parent’s coffee in bed in the early dawn,... Continue Reading →

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